Design Inspiration – Week #1

Hola Amigos! Iconscout is Back with our new blog series: ‘Design Inspiration’. Every week we will choose the best icons and illustrations from around the web. Subscribe now for daily updates and discover work from some of the best designers in the industry.

This time we’ve picked 20 best shots which include really good icons and illustrations. Apart from our list if you find anything inspiring design around, please link them in the comment section below.

A swittch stardewvalley tribute

A swittch stardewvalley tribute by Ann-Sophie De Steur
A swittch stardewvalley tribute by Ann-Sophie De Steur


Analytics by Berin Catic for Clay
Analytics by Berin Catic for Clay


Board by pawel olek
Board by Pawel Olek

Business icons

business icons by Agata Kuczminska
business icons by Agata Kuczminska

Dog walker

dog walker by Turgay Mutlay
dog walker by Turgay Mutlay

Drone icons

Drone icons by Vadim Gromov
Drone icons by Vadim Gromov

Illustration for website

Illustration for website by walid beno for artland
Illustration for website by Walid Beno for Artland in LBS

Isometric city

isometric city by alexandrov alexandr for Fireart Studio
isometric city by alexandrov alexandr for Fireart Studio


Cyclist by Csaba Gyulai for Siege Media

Kids Center site icons

Kids Center site icons by SugarDesign
Kids Center site icons by SugarDesign

Payjunction sketch

Payjunction sketch by Eddie Lobanovskiy for Unfold
Payjunction sketch by Eddie Lobanovskiy for Unfold

Space icon set

Space icon set by Deemak Daksina
Space icon set by Deemak Daksina

App icons

App icons by Ben Bely
App icons by Ben Bely

Avatar icons

Avatar icons by Icons
Avatar icons by Icons

Book app illustration

book app illustration by Krestovskaya Anna
book app illustration by Krestovskaya Anna 

Busy bee

Busy bee by vijay verma for Orizon
Busy bee by vijay verma for Orizon

Interesting icons

Intresting icons by Egg_Kim for Tunan
Interesting icons by Egg_Kim for Tunan

Man engineer showing on blackboard

Man engineer showing on blackboard by Anton Fritsler for Kit8
Man engineer showing on blackboard
by Anton Fritsler (kit8) for Kit8

Website Development

Website Development illustration by Raj Kumar

Little young girl playing with cat

Little young girl playing with cat by Anton Fritsler for Kit8
Little young girl playing with cat by Anton Fritsler (kit8) for Kit8

Over To You

We hope you find a really good inspiration from these beautiful shots. Have you come across any good icon or illustration design that we forgot to mention? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to check our latest article of 15 MUST HAVE ICON PACKS IF YOU ARE A WEB DESIGNER. Don’t forget to share and subscribe!

Happy Designing!

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