10 Best PowerPoint Add-ins and Plugins for an Amazing Presentation

Nothing can beat a perfect PowerPoint presentation that is visually appealing. Aside from templates, images, videos, and effects, plugins & add-ins can also make a huge difference in a presentation. Not many people know about PowerPoint plugins and add-ins, but those who do swear by them. In this article, we plan to give you the […]

10 Design Systems You Must Know in 2020

Design Systems have become a key part of any company’s everyday work. From discussions to creations, it seems that it has become an integral part of designers’ life. It is believed that in the future, every brand and every product will use a Design System, simple or comprehensive, strict or loose, mono, or cross platforms. […]

Best resources April – 2020

April has been proof of our patience and strength. How in this critical situation we are standing straight ready to face any situation. So here we are again with a countdown with April highlights and the best possible resources of these. This countdown consists of illustrations, icons, and stock photos. So let the countdown begin. […]

Must have resources for an E-learning platform

With time the role of e-learning platforms have increased as the situation around us is going worse day by day. These are the places where you can host your own e-learning course and share, upload files, videos, chat with the participants, grade their work etc.  They are a suitable media for readings, activities and even […]

Best places to find Font Icons

At a time of high digitization, when creativity is at the top of the UI design, lending an edge to your application or website can be a challenging task. In order to make UI creative and at the same time user experience fluid, many designers use increasingly creative assets such as icons and illustrations in their design. In any design, icons become a very important component. Icons are important for web projects because they are a visual way to help add meaning […]

Best Design Resources of March 2020

March has been the whole soul witness of the fast-changing world around us whether it be our socializing or social distancing with the spread of corona. So here we are again with a countdown with march highlights and the best possible resources of these. This countdown consists of illustrations, icons, and stock photos. So let […]

Top icons, illustrations, and photos for Easter 2020

Easter – ‘ The holy week ’ known for the uprising of the holy Jesus on the third day after his burial. This festival is celebrated with light and color with eggs symbolizing the beginning of happiness, a new ray of light, hope and a new day. Here is a list of our top easter […]

Assets Generator — Side Project: Case Study

A handy web app for both developers and designers to generate assets. After moving into full-time product design, I got the opportunity to work as project lead and product designer on one of the side project “Assets Generator” at Iconscout. with a lot of expectations and excitement I started working on this project. About Assets […]

Free Design Assets – Week#8

Hello folks! We are in the eighth week with our Free Design Assets blog. This time we’ve picked 2 icon packs, illustration and 2 stock photo packs from Iconscout. These assets are totally FREE!! Don’t forget to check out our latest product – Free Online Icon Editor. Using this you can change icon color, icon […]

7 Must have Chrome Extensions for Designers

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers right now. Chrome always bring user – developed extensions, plugins and add – ons that can help us improve our productivity. At Iconscout, we always bring the best resources and tools on the Web for you. This time we focus on extensions that are offered in the Chrome Web Store, freely available and easy to install. Among the tools, we […]