The Best Adobe XD Plugins for Designers

Adobe XD is a tool that is awesome for a specific set of use cases like creating super quick prototypes, or extensive wireframing. Having early access to an all-new plugin ecosystem, together with the team at Adobe that provided feedback, insights, and great documentation we were able to create one of the first plugins for Adobe […]

Best Prototyping Tools for Designers — 2018

Websites and Mobile application have become an important aspect in today’s world where it helps in reaching to people directly and convey what the company or the product wants the people to understand. As a result, demand for Web and Mobile app designers has increased who can design what people want to see and what company […]

Best Sketch Plugins for UI/UX Designers in 2018

Sketch is one of the most used tools for designing Web and UI. While it’s been loaded with so many features, there are people who are working to build custom plugins for it to make it more powerful. Here is the list of Best Sketch Plugins for UI/UX designers. Craft Craft is a multi-functional platform […]

Logojoy – AI-powered logo maker

Logojoy is an online logo design tool. Logojoy provide solution for the companies and brands where they don’t need to go for a designer to make a logo. Instead Logojoy uses Artificial intelligence and complex algorithms to generate logos based on your specifications. Logojoy site launched in November 2016. The company was founded by Dawson […]

LogoDrop – A Sketch Plugin to get brand logos right into Sketch App

The fascinating feature about human brain is that it processes visual information approximately 20 times faster than mere texts. Keeping this simple fact in mind, the organizations, since decades have been trying to reach out to their audience through a visual entity – Logo.   While creating any website or mobile application we need logos of […]

13 Must have Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Recently working with Google Chrome has not become a choice but a necessity due to its out of the box peculiarities especially its extensions. In terms of technicality, extensions are small software programs which modifies and enhances the functionality of the Google Chrome browser but for web developers it is more than that.   This gift […]

11 Must have Chrome Extensions for Designers

Google Chrome is the most used browser right now. Day by day they are incorporating more extensions, plugins and add-ons, often developed by their users, that help make them more powerful and can help us to improve our productivity. As Iconscout is providing you best resources that helps you in designing, today we are bringing […]

Best websites to find Stock Illustrations

The familiar word among designers – illustration, refers to an anecdote used to explain, clarify, or justify a point. Illustration has gained much popularity due to its peculiarity of adding an additional personality and character of that other thing. In layman terms, illustrations is an ornament of a graphical art. You’ve probably heard the famous saying, “a picture […]