Must have resources for an E-learning platform

With time the role of e-learning platforms have increased as the situation around us is going worse day by day. These are the places where you can host your own e-learning course and share, upload files, videos, chat with the participants, grade their work etc.  They are a suitable media for readings, activities and even […]

Best Design Resources of March 2020

March has been the whole soul witness of the fast-changing world around us whether it be our socializing or social distancing with the spread of corona. So here we are again with a countdown with march highlights and the best possible resources of these. This countdown consists of illustrations, icons, and stock photos. So let […]

Website landing page Illustrations

Check out the amazing illustrations to be used on your website landing page. These illustrations are available in different file formats such as EPS, SVG, and PNG. You can always check more illustrations on Iconscout. Download these illustrations for free and use in your project. Empty State Illustrations This pack contains 20 Empty state illustrations. […]

Best websites to find Vector Illustrations

The familiar word among designers – illustration, refers to an anecdote used to explain, clarify, or justify a point. Illustration has gained much popularity due to its peculiarity of adding an additional personality and character of that other thing. In layman terms, illustrations is an ornament of a graphical art. You’ve probably heard the famous saying, “a picture […]