Best Resources July 2020

We are here with our monthly resources blog yet again. New month new resources. Strap your seat belts cause you are in for a ride!

Best Resources July 2020

July has been the witness of people's not so social distancing and trying to get a new normal. So here we are again with a countdown with July highlights and the best possible resources of these. This countdown consists of illustrations, icons, and stock photos. So let the countdown begin.


Business Illustration Pack

Business Illustrations pack

Flat style business illustration pack with bright backgrounds. A variety of illustrations for teamwork illustrations, investment illustrations, marketing illustrations, and many more which can be used in hoarding, website landing pages, etc.

[Freebie] Coronavirus Badges Illustration Pack

Coronavirus badges illustrations

Need over the top illustrations don't worry we are here with this illustration pack about coronavirus badge during a pandemic. This pack includes illustrations such as healthcare illustrations, medical illustrations, safety illustrations, etc. These illustrations can be used in hoardings, awareness, procedures, brochures, etc.

Download Coronavirus awareness assets: COVID-19 awareness resources

Navratri Illustrations

A variety of illustrations for every navratri occasional need. Have a clothing and festive company don't worry we have these 16 illustration for that. These illustrations are in cartoonish 3d form in warm tones. It has illustrations like celebration illustrations, cultural illustration, Gujarat illustrations, available in PNG file format.

Video Call Illustration Pack

Video call illustrations

A variety of landing page illustrations for every need. Have a mobile application or a company website don't worry we have an illustration for work at home scenarios. This pack contains illustrations such as conference illustrations, video call illustrations, business meeting illustrations, etc.  These illustrations are in flat style with bright colors form in the SVG, PNG, and EPS file formats.

[Freebie] Indian Doodle Illustration Pack

Indian Doodle Illustrations

Iconscout has brought you an 60 illustration pack in black and white colors where the Indian scenarios is shown in various ways. These are of great use in brochures, stickers, wallpapers, websites. These can be used without any attributes, it has illustrations like relaxing illustrations, lifestyle illustrations, travel illustrations, etc.

New Normal Illustration Pack

New normal illustrations

Flat style 10 illustration pack with a dramatic pinch of backgrounds.A variety of illustrations for coronavirus illustrations, new normal illustrations, people illustrations, and many more which can be used in hoarding, brochure, website landing pages, etc. You can get all the assets with free Iconscout plugins.


Disinfection Icon Pack

Disinfection Icons Pack

Black one single colour used in such a way that all the icons are justified, also giving users the option to edit colour before downloading.This pack includes 15 icons representing sanitizer icons, hand icons, brush icons, etc.It is available in solid style under iconscout premium license.

Education And School Icon Pack

Education And School Icons Pack

This pack represents icons in classic style that is each weather is designed and created by keeping that as a medium. It includes 25 icons representing exam icons, calendar icons, trophy icons, etc.It is available in filled outline style under icon scout basic license.

Medical Icon Pack

Medical Icons Pack

A combination of line and colour spots is used to create such amazing icons thus posing a very unique feature. This pack includes 30 icons representing doctor icons, nurse icons, x-ray icons, etc.It is available in filled outline style under icon scout premium license.

Military & Army Icon Pack

Military & Army Icons Pack

Icons in their original colour scheme with a simple line design make this pack authentic in nature.This  pack includes 29 icons representing badge icons, drone icons, flag icons, etc.It is available in filled outline style under icon scout premium license.

Fortnite Icon Pack

Fortnite Icons Pack

Line technique is used to create these icons, the elements are carefully crafted with different pixel lines. This pack includes 28 icons representing ninja icons, kuno icons, kenji icons, etc.It is available in line style under icon scout basic license.

Stock Photos

Coworking Post Covid Shoot

Coworking Post shoot

Coronavirus has recently taken over the world and our lives. This pack contains an 10 post corona stock image pack with high definition and best quality photographs for the campaigns, posters, websites, etc. These are royalty-free in nature. It has photos like facemask photos, workspace photos, new normal photos, etc.

Schezwan Veg Noodles Shoot

Schezwan Veg Noodles shoot

It is a photo shoot schezwan vegetable noodles with some side sauces and served in a platter. 8 photo's pack is here containing images like Chinese food photos, vegetarian photos, flavored photos and many more. With an amazing background and the food looking delicious complimenting the background.

Couple On Trekking Shoot

Couple on Trekking shoot

A couple dressed in trekking clothes matching with each other enjoying moments with each other creating memories while doing trekking and taking a step towards a new adventure. This pack has photos like summer photos, travel photos, hiking photos. These are royalty-free in nature.

Football Shoot

A 10 photo pack of a cute boy in black in garden playing with a white and black football enjoying and smiling cutely in front of the camera. These are royalty-free in nature. It has photos like football photos, training photos, sports photos, etc.

Coffee Shoot

Coffee shoot

Coffee beans arranged in different forms to motivate us and this way the coffee beans as well as a nice cup of coffee is shown in such a beautiful manner with a warm background. This pack has photos like cafe photos, coffee beans photos, coffee photos, etc. These can be used without any attributes.

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Iconscout plugins
Iconscout plugins

So here we are at the end! I hope that you will find this very helpful. Visit Iconscout for more such assets. We will bring another list of assets soon. Till then, Happy Designing!!

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